Midwest Guardians

A City Mourns

A city mourns, a nation reaches out.

Fires still burn in select corners of Chicago, but the majority have been brought under control. The super heroine Scorch has led the efforts in the last day after she became conscious again after her battle with Firewing. Teammates Dr. Quest and Chromia have also been part of rescue efforts to find civilians who had been buried underneath rubble.
Dr. Quest finally made a public statement late last night to reporters and officials of PRIMUS, “As we all know two days ago our fair city was attacked by the super villain known as Firewing. However what many do not know is that we believe he was brought here by the group known as DEMON. Shortly after Firewing began his attack, Mr. Powers detected some unusual magics being used in the vicinity of Wrigley Park. Mr. Powers, Dwarfstar, and myself went to investigate this occurrence as its timing with Firewing seemed to coincidental. Scorch, Chromia and Jack Flash headed towards the Loop to deal with Firewing. Unfortunately the spell that was cast upon Firewing also affected Scorch as well, hence her erratic behavior. Mr. Powers and I located the source of the strange energy and quickly realized that DEMON was opening a portal to another dimension in order to allow something to come through. They needed the fear, anger, and all the other emotions occurring from the battle to fuel their spell and to feed whatever was on the other side. A few creatures began to make their way through and Dwarfstar went forward to meet them, while I and Mr. Powers began to concoct a way to close the portal. It took some time but we were able to close the portal, however in doing so
Dwarfstar was sucked into the portal carried to somewhere else, the backlash of the spell hit Mr. Powers and sent him into a coma, and the machines that I was working with had a power surge sealing the fate of Dwarfstar for good. So the plot by DEMON was defeated but now our team’s numbers have been decimated with the death of Jack Flash as well…”
After that statement Dr. Quest then left the podium and shuffled to a back room. The deaths of his fellow teammates and friends clearly weighing him down and causing him a great deal of grief.
Mayor Knightly has spoken with President Bush and he assured the city that help is on its way. Donations have already started to pour into the city from everywhere. All countries seem to be shaken by the sheer destruction and violence caused by just two super powered individuals. Police are worried about what might happen in the absence of the Peacekeepers. The police commissioner has asked for assistance from PRIMUS and from UNTIL. Heroes from other cities have also started to make stops in the city to help pick up the slack.


Corefire Corefire

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