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Chicago In Flames

Chicago in Flames

Late yesterday morning the super villain Firewing struck downtown Chicago. His first three blasts of raging inferno and hit a CTA train blasting it off the tracks and injuring dozens. After this display he announced to the gathering crowds that he would face Scorch, a member of Chicago’s famed Peacekeepers, in single combat. The Peacekeepers were slow in their reaction and Scorch did not show up for several minutes prompting the villain to let loose with several more blasts into a nearby skyscraper.
After the second volley Scorch blasted Firewing from behind sending him careening into the pavement. Firewing quickly flew back into the air letting loose with another series of blasts. The two then danced in the morning air sending volley after volley towards the other.
Onlookers state that each seemed to fire more wildly as the battle progressed damaging several buildings and starting a few fires. Other members of the Peacekeepers came upon the scene and seemed to be a bit dazed by the amount of damage the two super powered combatants had caused so quickly. Chromia and Jack Flash began to help out innocent bystanders escape the brutal battle.
Scorch failed to take the battle away from the city and much of the early damage was caused by her as well. Then a little bit before noon both heroes appeared to use super powered blasts even pushing themselves beyond capacity. Both of these blasts caused an explosion that took out several city blocks, leveling all building within a half mile radius.
By this point fires had erupted throughout the city and seemed to gain in strength despite the best efforts of firefighters. Some witnesses stated that some fires appeared to start miles away from the battle. And other witnesses stated that they saw members of the Peacekeepers heading towards Wrigleyville. However none of these sightings have been confirmed and the whereabouts of several of the Peacekeepers have not been seen.
At this time the amount of casualties is unknown, but it is estimated to reach well into the thousands. Mayor Knightly has stated, “Have hope Chicagoans. We will pull through this by working together.”
As of the printing of this paper the Peacekeepers had not made any statements.


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