Midwest Guardians

City Rebuilds

Corporations make big investments in rebuilding the city.

by Dennis Compton

The Peacekeepers may have disbanded last year but Quest Industries still has its eye on the Windy City. Dr. Quest announced yesterday that he would donate over three billion dollars in funds, technological expertise and man power to help bring Mayor Knight’s vision to fruition. Insiders say that the feud between the Mayor and Dr. Quest may have abated due to the large donation.
This is the largest single donation to the City of the Future project to date. Many analysts believe other corporations will have to make bigger donations in order to garner the city’s attention and favor.
In related news it was announced that Quest Industries has been awarded a prime location for their new office building. The new building will incorporate many of the latest developments in green and bio-mimicry technology. Quest Industries has stated that it will forgo some of its patents to make it easier for the city and other companies to include the new technologies into their building design.

Mob violence continues

by Raven Storm

Another shootout occurred last night in the south side of the city. Police responded but were unable to apprehend any of the suspects. One witness reported one of the attackers walking through a hail of bullets without flinching. This is the first witness to report the possible first metahuman in the new turf wars taking over the city.
Mayor Knight’s office made a statement late last night that condemned these attacks and said that the police of this city are spread thin and do not have the adequate resources to deal with these
situations. He called upon the aldermen to act quickly on his proposal to increase the number of MARS agents and the request to use Federal funds to purchase new battle armor for the MARS agents.
Last night’s attacks killed another five individuals of the Bagarella family. Who have lost a total of 36 men in the last two weeks. Many believe that the majority of the family has fled the city to seek sanctuary elsewhere. This new player on the scene is unknown but many believe it is a completely new family who decided to use the chaos of the last year to their advantage.
This looks like it will be a another bloody year for Chicago’s crime families.


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