Midwest Guardians

Let's Go to the Maul

The Midwest Guardians Go to the Mall

by Raven Storm

In what now appears to be some kind of pirated TV signal a mysterious person staged a phony hostage situation at the new Water Tower Place. The Midwest Guardians were called in to see to the situation but were instead met by throngs of fans of the hit TV show To Save the World. The heroes were also met at the shopping gallery by the villain Foxbat who was there to steal some of the cubic zirconium Hollywood jewelry that was on display. The group also known as The Grabbers were also on hand to steal the real jewelry. Fighting of course ensued wit Captain Chicago easily knocking out Foxbat.

However mayhem ensued when two employees of the Kountry Komics attacked Julia Rawaa in a misguided attempt to prove that she was a vampire by way of wooden stakes. Julia then defended herself with a small caliber pistol and shot at the boys luckily missing them. Collide quickly intervened and stopped each boy before the situation escalated. Foxbat fans were of course on the scene and singing the Foxbat theme song and calling for his release.

Power Girl and the Messenger were able to take down Cheshire Cat before he could teleport away.
Unfortunately Black Diamond, Bluebird, and Humming Bird were able to slink away with approximately 1.2 million dollars in jewelry.

The Midwest Guardians and the CPD were unable to theorize as to the reason both groups attacked the gallery at the same time. However Detective Shaughnessy stated it was probably just bad luck on everyone’s part.

Omegaworld meeting with construction difficulties but should open on time.

by Jimmy Dugan

Omegaworld, a new amusement park to open in the next month, is based on the One World to Save TV show. Construction on the park is slightly behind schedule but park executives and the show’s PR man indicate that it should be ready to open for a big Fourth of July opening day festival.

Park executives have stated that the amusement park uses some of the latest innovations and will have some of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in the world. It has been said that The Speeding Bullet, based on the JFO’s resident speedster will be the highlight for any roller coaster enthusiast.

On opening day the cast of One World to Save will attend as honored guests. Thousands of fans have started to receive special invitations inviting them to the opening day festivities. These fans have been randomly selected from the tens of thousands that are part of the One World to Save fan club. Many of the state’s leading politicians have also been invited as well so keep an eye out for everyone’s favorite Mayor and maybe even the Midwest Guardians will make a showing. Keep your fingers crossed Chicagoans.


Corefire Corefire

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