Midwest Guardians

Looking For Tall Heroic Individuals

Hero Wanted

by Raven Storm

This week The Pack a vigilante group killed many individuals this past week. Police officials stated that most of the individuals were suspected drug dealers or individuals who had been arrested at one time or another for dealing drugs. However, some individuals had no arrest record or any ties to drugs.

The Pack’s leader Mongrel stated to this reporter that any individual with a criminal is a criminal no matter what. Additionally, that his actions have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees and countless lives. He went on to state, “The loss of a few innocents is regrettable but also acceptable in a war.”

Citizens of this great city are at a crossroads, many of them not knowing where to turn. The line between criminals and heroes has blurred leaving only victims in its wake. We are nothing to these heartless vigilantes. They show us nothing but contempt and disregard for our laws. They kill with impunity, hiding behind false bravados and hollow words.

This city needs real heroes, so that we the citizens are no longer powerless to their whims and wishes. Is there not a hero out there willing to step forward and protect our society, our laws, and our lives?


Corefire Corefire

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