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New Chicago Near Completion

Construction of New Chicago is nearing completion

by Constance Dorbin

Mayor Knightly announced yesterday that with the help from grants from the Federal Government and businesses New Chicago is nearing completion. Over 68% of New Chicago is completed with another 23% in the last stages of completion. Chicago can now boast having the greenest city on the planet. It has a public transportation center that is beyond rival, designed and built by Quest and Harmon Industries. The old Loop is now a walking area that is completely off limits to vehicles of any kind. Public transport shuttles, trains, and moving sidewalks will transport pedestrians from one place to another.
However citizens outside of the disaster zone have been clamoring for years that they are being bypassed on the improvements and building funds this has been especially true for neighborhoods living south of the devastation. Mayor Knightly’s office has stated that the city’s attention will focus on these lucky neighborhoods that did not suffer from the horrendous attacks that occurred almost five years ago.


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