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Peacekeepers Disband

Peacekeepers Disband

by Raven Storm

This morning Dr. Quest announced to the media and the public that the Peacekeepers would be disbanding. The Peacekeepers lost half of their members during the attack by Firewing and DEMON. Scorch left the city earlier this month due to large public outrage towards her for her part in the destruction. Chromia, Dr. Quests wife and fellow teammate, stated that the city would not be left totally undefended. Several heroes from neighboring cities like the Champions of Millennium City have stated that they will take look in on Chicago from time to time.
However, unnamed city officials have stated that the Police and PRIMUS officers are worried about the vacuum that will be left with their departure. Some alderman believe that this void will cause super villains around the country to choose Chicago as a place to make home.
Yet the mayor believes this will be a chance for new heroes to come and make Chicago their home. Mayor Knight said, “The Peacekeepers have helped this city for quite some time, but it is time for the city to have new blood in the hero community.”
In the past three months the bonds between the Peacekeepers and the Mayor’s office have become strained. Dr. Quest does not think that the mayor was supportive enough of Scorch and the Mayor believes that Dr. Quest and Chromia should have asked her to step down after the attacks. Insiders on both sides state that neither has spoken for quite some time.

PRIMUS Assigns Silver Avenger Ernie Freeman

by Dennis Compton

Today PRIMUS announced that it had assigned Silver Avenger Ernie Freeman to its Chicago office. Ernie is a decorated veteran of PRIMUS and former Navy Officer. His assignment gives Chicago its first Silver Avenger and makes its PRIMUS office official.
PRIMUS will have 50 agents permanently on duty to help assist with super villain attacks and to try and prevent anything like this from ever happening again.
Mayor Knightly welcomed Silver Avenger Freeman yesterday at a welcoming ceremony and stated that he has the utmost faith in PRIMUS .


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