Characteristic Total Roll
STR 15 12-
DEX 24 14-
CON 25 14-
BODY 10 11-
INT 22 13-
EGO 25 14-
PRE 10 11-
COM 10 11-


OCV — 8
DCV — 8
ECV — 8

Phases – 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12

PD — 5/35 (0/30 rPD)
ED — 9/39 (0/30 rED)

Running – 12"
Swimming – 2"
Leaping – 3"
Flight – 20" (640"NC)


Stop me if you have heard this story before. An average human male of no importance comes across an alien artifact that gives him untold cosmic power. I know. It is not original. There was that test pilot that came across a ring. There was that kid that came across a watch. I even remember one guy that came across some living armor that was really cool…even if it did start to try and take over his mind.

What do I get? I get a solid lead pipe. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is lot of power in the thing, but…I mean, it looks like a lead pipe. Sure, it is all chromed and smooth, but still…have you tried to look heroic with a pipe? It is not as if I can hide it either.

As far as I know, it is indestructible. I’ve learned how to wield it like a billy-club, and I have figured out to do some things with it. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that, did I? In all of the other stories, the object either teaches the person wielding it what to do, or there are some wise overseers that show the new guy the ropes. Not here. I find out by accident what is going on. When I first found the pipe, it gave me a shock I couldn’t believe. I started to see in all different colors…I still do. My mind felt like it was on fire. I threw the pipe away…and it came right back to my hand.

I’ve been able to fly with the pipe, to send a blast of some sort of cosmic energy, and I have a feeling it would protect me if I needed it to. I’m still learning all it can do. It just kind of comes to me. I’ll see some sort of color when I am in the middle of doing something, part of the pipe will turn that color, and then something happens. Blue was flying. Red was the blast. I had it glow green once, but I was not sure if anything happened.

I dreamed of black…but it was a nightmare.

I have the feeling I need to use this thing for good. I found this pipe for a reason, and I sometimes think it is pushing me to make certain decisions. I don’t know where it came from, but I figure I’ll eventually come across someone who does…and can help me. Until then I’ll be the Messenger.


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